“Our purpose here at the health office is to provide any service regarding health issues for the well being of our community”.

Rose Dumont is administrative health coordinator and organizes the programs that keep our community well and healthy.

Doctors, dentists and nurses from the Vancouver Island Health Authority and Inter-Tribal Health visit T’Sou-ke regularly. Special clinics are held throughout the year for mammograms, flu shots, etc.

Programs are held during the year to assist the community with health and wellness needs. They include:

  • Nutrition workshops
  • Baby programs
  • Non-insured health benefits
  • Elders abuse
  • Diabetes days
  • Literacy

Rose attends ITHA traditional wellness workshops and the annual Elders’ conferences with community members.

T’Sou-ke is part of the Sooke Integrated Health Network. Its aim is to coordinate customized care that directly addresses a patient’s needs.


Check out the T’Sou-ke Nation Health Office Facebook page for current information.

Contact Info:

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Phone 250-642-4261.