Youth Outings 2017

Please download, fill out the LBGG PERMISSION FORM 2017 and bring it to the office. All youth must have one of these on file for all LBGG trips.

I have scheduled the following dates for outings and each day is 8:30 am to 2:30 pm unless otherwise stated.  There will be a few trips that will take a bit longer than usual.


Monday, July 3rd 2017
Traditional Food Gathering – San Juan Ridge
8:30 am to 3:00 pm
This will be our first of many fruits, berries and medicinal tea gatherings of the year. We will be joined by our Elders on this trip and they will be mentoring us on food facts and history.
We will be joined by our Elders on most trips this year and it is a great way for us to learn from our Elders the importance of our food systems. We will meet at the band hall at 8:30 am with a departure time of 9:00 am sharp. Please bring a backpack for snacks, drinks and containers (which will be full of berries at the end of the day!) and appropriate clothing and footwear.

Sunday, July 9th 2017
Crab Raking
9:00 am to 12:00 pm
We will meet by Helgeson’s on Belvista Place to head out onto the flats to gather crab for our seafood gathering on Monday. You will need a bucket for your crab and something to coax it out of the eel grass.

Monday, July 10th 2017
Seafood Gathering
9:00 am to 2:30 pm
We will meet at 7389 McMillan Rd up on SIAOSUN and this will be our second session working with our Elders, looking for seafoods, learning what our Ancestors did when harvesting the seafoods and how they prepared and stored them.
We will start with a smudge for those who wish; gather foods; have lunch then maybe a scavenger hunt before our Blessing by the Sea, ending our day.



More information about the the digital stories several of our youth did in the spring for the CIER project can be found on the CIER website.

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